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Phillips University Legacy Scholar Program - Scholar Spotlight

Mr. Erick E. Reisinger

Chapman University


Masters in Criminalistics at California State University-LA


The Phillips University Legacy Foundation scholarship was very important in shaping who I am as a person today. Not only did it aid financially in allowing me to attend college, but it also provided me with the means by which I could strengthen my faith and develop my leadership skills. At the leadership conference, I met Disciples students like me from all over the country, and I listened to stories of faith and leadership in their respective communities. The bonds with these other students were unique ones, as we only saw each other once a year, but it provided me with a great support system of people across the nation who were trying to faithfully serve our lord, just as I was. Also, I was not a natural leader, so the conferences also provided me with great opportunities to develop my skills. I was a novice at first, but after going through all the activities and lectures at the conferences, I felt much more comfortable as a leader. The fact that I served on the planning committee for my last conference after being elected by my peers gave me the confidence that I can be a leader, and I can make a difference in this world. Without Phillips, Iím not sure I would have ever gotten to this point.



Shannon N. Chambers
Upward Bound coordinator puts Phillips lessons to work…

Kaitlyn M. Hellner-Burris
PU scholarship helps send vet med student to Galapagos Islands…

Emma K. Haymaker-Ivy
Program offers awesome people who really care about students…

Langdon S. Ryan
Scholars program provided a strong support system and unforgettable experience…

Amanda R. Hall
I was motivated to be a better person, to find out who I was…

Lauren E. Love
This scholarship shaped me into a globally aware young woman…

Andrea K. Vasilo
Because my Dad is a PU alumni my present was uniquely influenced by my past…

William Trey D. Flowers, III
A remarkable opportunity. A new family for a lifetime…

Jonathan B. Hall
This community recognized my God-given gifts…

Bethany A. Loader
As one of the very first scholars I quickly realized how special this program was…

Beau T. Underwood
The church was making an investment in me as a leader…

Cara Haymaker
I had always planned to attend Phillips like my mother. This was the next best thing…