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Phillips University Legacy Scholar Program - Scholar Spotlight

Ms. Andrea K. Vasilo

Texas Christian University


Writer’ Assistant for BBC Worldwide. Previously worked on shows such as, 24, Ringer and Do No Harm.


It’s difficult for me to put into words what exactly the PULF scholarship meant to me. (And I’m a writer!) It represented a wonderful combination of pride in my own personal achievements and pride in my heritage. As a student at TCU, my academic progress was important to me, as well as my progressing relationship with God. But –to go back in time even further!—I was born in Enid and my father received his masters degree from Phillips. It was an altogether unique and special experience to have my present so influenced by my past.



Shannon N. Chambers
Upward Bound coordinator puts Phillips lessons to work…

Kaitlyn M. Hellner-Burris
PU scholarship helps send vet med student to Galapagos Islands…

Emma K. Haymaker-Ivy
Program offers awesome people who really care about students…

Langdon Ryan Worley
Scholars program provided a strong support system and unforgettable experience…

Amanda R. Hall
I was motivated to be a better person, to find out who I was…

Lauren E. Love
This scholarship shaped me into a globally aware young woman…

William Trey D. Flowers, III
A remarkable opportunity. A new family for a lifetime…

Erick E. Reisinger
The scholarship was very important in shaping who I am as a person today.…

Jonathan B. Hall
This community recognized my God-given gifts…

Bethany Loader Baker
As one of the very first scholars I quickly realized how special this program was…

Beau T. Underwood
The church was making an investment in me as a leader…

Cara Haymaker
I had always planned to attend Phillips like my mother. This was the next best thing…