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Nancy Nicholson Phillips ('71) Named 2013-2014 Legacy Foundation President

July 05, 2013

If you ask anyone who knows Nancy Nicholson Phillips, "What is Nancy passionate about", they would answer "Phillips University!" Current President of the Phillips University Alumni and Friends Association, Tom Walker '68, stated in 2008 about Nancy, "Nancy embodies the words of the Alma Mater of Phillips University, as she continues to 'declare to the land, the glories of our Phillips U.'"

Nancy received her Bachelors in Music Education in 1971 from Phillips University. At Phillips, she was the President of Tenth Muse Social Service Club, a member of University Chorus, Cardinal Key, and Kappa Delta Pi. Nancy's fondest memories of Phillips include participating in Tenth Muse activities, living in Clay Hall, the caliber and availability of Phillips' faculty, and the quality of the education she received.

Alma Mater means "nourishing or bountiful mother". Nancy felt Phillips was like her mother, thanks to the nurturing she received at Phillips. She has stated "My life began at Phillips." When Phillips University closed, Nancy was devastated. "I couldn't even drive by campus because it hurt too much." When she heard about the Phillips University Alumni and Friends Association, Nancy felt service on this Board would be a way to honor Phillips, and to give back to her "Alma Mater" a portion of what she had received. She became a Director on the Alumni Association Board in 2004, and served as its President from 2008-2011. During this time, Nancy found a new way to express her love of Phillips University.

"My first Phillips University Legacy Foundationís Leadership Conference was in 2005. I witnessed the continuation of Phillips University through bright undergraduate scholars, who were proven leaders and who have hearts for service to their communities, as service is a required component of the Phillips University scholarship." Nancy has served as one of several Alumni Mentors for the Phillips Legacy Scholars since she attended her first Leadership Conference. "I remain in touch with most of the scholars. Our graduates include dentists, attorneys, teachers, ministers, staff members of nonprofits, accountants, and missionaries. They continue to serve as Christian leaders in their communities, and continue to embrace service as a way to give back to others." Two Phillips Legacy Scholar graduates currently serve as corporate members of the Legacy Foundation, and one is a Director on the Alumni Association Board.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as President of the Phillips University Legacy Foundation. The Legacy Foundation honors Phillips University by keeping the name and goals of Phillips University alive. Our Phillips University Legacy Foundation scholars and graduates are making a difference in their communities every day." She feels that the mission of the Foundation is much the same as the goals of Phillips University - utilizing a Christian foundation to provide an exceptional liberal arts education to future leaders.

Nancy says, "Making a gift to the Legacy Foundation is a wonderful way to honor our education and memories of Phillips University. Join me in keeping the vision and name of Phillips University alive. Phillips' alumni will one day be gone. These scholars can continue the legacy of Phillips University into the future."