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August 2014 Phillips University Trivia Contest Q&A

August 25, 2014

The source for the following questions and answers could be found on our website,

1. What year was the Phillips Speech and Hearing Center built? 1956

2. In 1920, he was the first from the Orient to graduate from Phillips University. After graduation he returned to his homeland. It was the beginning of an extensive effort by Phillips to expand its program of Christian education to Asia. What was his name?
Jefferson D. Hoy Lamb

3. As the worst of the Great Depression passed, the Enid Chamber of Commerce undertook the financing of a new gymnasium and swimming pool on the Phillips campus. Ground was broken for the new building on October 11th of what year? 1940

4. In what year was the new four-story Zollars Memorial Library completed?


5. He has authored several books on religious life. Time Magazine listed him as one of America's top preachers. In 1978, he delivered the prestigious Beecher Lectures on preaching at Yale Divinity School. At Phillips, he taught several religion classes. Who is he?
Dr. Fred Craddock

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