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September 2014 Phillips University Trivia Contest

October 15, 2014

The source for the following questions and answers could be found on Legacy Column emailed newsletters and our website,

1. Because service to others is an important aspect of Christian leadership, the Legacy Scholars program requires each student to perform an annual project. What are these projects called? Volunteer Service Project

2. What November dates is the 13th annual Legacy Scholar's Leadership Development Conference?
November 6-9

3. Name three of the 2014-2015 Legacy Scholars. Any three of the following Legacy Scholar names: Annaliese Baker, Jessica Bessner, Alexander Englen, Johan Englen, Elijah Hack, Jonathan Hatley, Brady Heinsoo, Sabrie Howell, Effie Husbands, Hannah Logsdon, Daniel Martin, Emily Martin, Kirstin Meyers, Madelyn Molinar, Dana Nottingham, Emily Pulliam, Rachel Rebagay, Roslyn Rogers, Madison Ruge, Anna Stark, Nyomi Tarpley, and/or Amanda Tatlock

4. Name the four giving Legacy Pillar Levels.

Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze

5. Name the returning Leadership Retreat Facilitator for our 2014 Leadership Conference. He was with us at our 2009 conference and his inspirational messages and breakout sessions get the students engaged and give them the skills they need through the conference and beyond.
Troy Stende

Thank you to everyone that participated. If you are not receiving the Trivia Contest and Phillips Legacy Column but would like to, please send your email address to