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June Trivia Contest Answers

June 25, 2010

1. Who came first? Dr. Ely Vaughn Zollars or Dr. Eugene Briggs? Dr. Ely Vaughn Zollars

2. Which building came first? Athenian Hall or Clay Hall? Athenian Hall

3. Which came first? Tennis Club or Intercollegiate football? Tennis Club**

4. Which organization came first? Millard Fillmore Society or Women's Self-Governing Association? Women's Self-Governing Association

5. Which came first? Phillips University or Oklahoma Christian University? Oklahoma Christian University

6. Which building came first? Old Main or Marshall Building? Old Main

7. Which came first? Science Camp or Phillips University Japan? Science Camp

8. Which club came first? Camelot or Red Peppers? Red Peppers

Hope you had fun with this trivia contest! Look for the next one on Friday, July 2!
**Note: Tennis Club began in 1908. Intercollegiate football wasn't
organized until 1913, though there was an informal team that formed in 1907.