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January 2011 Trivia Contest Answers

February 04, 2011

1. What was the name of the 2010 Legacy Scholars Leadership Conference?
The Connie Speer Cravens Memorial Leadership Conference

2. How many hours of volunteer service did 35 Legacy Scholars perform in 2009?
More than 2,500!

3. Since 2002, how much money has the Phillips University Legacy Foundation awarded in Undergraduate scholarships?
More than $860,000

4. In what city was the 2010 Leadership Conference held?
Enid, OK

5. Who was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Leadership Conference, and what year did she graduate from Phillips University?
Rev. Janetta Cravens Boyd, '96

6. What was the name of the series of special events that were held on the former Phillips University campus on Saturday, November 14, 2010?
Phillips University: The Legacy Lives! And thank you for everyone who pointed out that it was Saturday, November 13th not 14th!

7. From 1907-1999, how many diplomas were awarded by Phillips University?
More than 13,000

8. What was the last stop on the campus tour on Saturday, November 14, 2010?
Now, we didn't mean this to be a trick question, but this is the one that really threw everybody! The correct answer is The Columns.

Hope you had fun with this trivia contest! Look for the next one on Friday, February 18th!