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Phillips University Today

Building a Future from our Past

Phillips University exists today as a corporate entity, although it no longer offers courses, enrolls students or maintains a campus; its nine member Board of Trustees oversees the remaining assets.


Many private liberal arts not-for-profit universities in the U.S. have experienced significant financial struggles over the years. Declining enrollment, pressure from low-cost state institutions, and inadequate financial support have contributed to the closure of many schools like Phillips University.


Unlike these schools, Phillips University chose to tread a unique path. Rather than close the doors and walk away like so many others, the Trustees and administrators of Phillips University found a way to honorably close the school and sustain its ideals and mission for educating Christian leaders.


Upon closure, the University paid all of its debt in full, worked to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood with Phillips Theological Seminary, and invested most of its remaining assets in its educational mission through the programs of the Phillips University Legacy Foundation.