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Influence of a Professor

I recall one winter when I had moved off campus and my car broke down. It was not a long walk, but it was a colder winter than I was used to as I moved to Enid from the southeastern part of the state which generally did not get too terribly cold.

After Professor Jorden saw me walking in to one of his early morning classes, he offered to pick me up every morning and take me to school until I could get my car fixed.

This was just one of the many kind things that he did which were outside of his job description.

We stayed in touch up until shortly before his death. He was a major influence on my career path.


- Christie Hill



Dr. Bill Snodgrass’s History Courses

“I was significantly influenced and inspired by Dr. Bill Snodgrass’s history courses—his enthusiasm and love of the subjects he taught as well as his “dramatic” teaching style.

It was specifically his influence that led me to my profession as a history museum curator/director.”


- Marsha Trowbridge Ardila ‘78



Campus Cafe

“All faculty and staff members shared a deep commitment to Phillips University and the students. I remember sitting in the campus café, students and faculty together, visiting over lunch or a cup of coffee. Not only was the faculty dedicated to the quality of our education, they were interested in us as individuals and the development of our character. That is what I believe made my Phillips education and experience superior to what I would have had at another university. That’s the Phillips legacy.”


- Carole Fortson North '65



At Clay Hall

"At Clay Hall, when the weather got really hot, some of us in the wing that had an opening to the roof took our mattresses up there and slept under the stars.”


- Tish Armstrong Galusha '57



Did a faculty member or an event at Phillips make a difference in your life? Tell us about it! Send your story to:
“I Remember—Phillips”
Alumni and Friends Association
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Stories about faculty members, classmates, special events, campus happenings—all the things that made life interesting, exciting, funny, sad, memorable—are being collected for publication in a special anniversary volume. This is not intended to be a factual, historical record, but a collection of remembrances written by students and faculty to record the traditions and activities of those who lived and shared the Phillips experience. Contributions, long or short, will be compiled and edited by Nancy Nicholson Phillips, Alumni and Friends Association Chair, and the Alumni and Friends Association Publications Committee. Submissions will remain the property of the contributor, but the Alumni and Friends Association will reserve the right to edit or to refuse publication. Submissions may be emailed to or mailed to the address above.