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PULF Scholars, alumni, and staff enjoy weekend of leadership and adventure.

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The Phillips Connection Newsletter

Below are the two most recent versions of The Phillips Connection Newsletter published by the Phillips University Alumni & Friends Association for alumni, faculty, Legacy Scholars & friends. These are available in PDF format for viewing or download. If you do not have a PDF viewer, you can download one for free by clicking the icon to the right.


Fall Issue


  Fall 2011 Alumni Newsletter


Summer Issue


  Summer 2011 Alumni Newsletter



Changes in Newsletter Policy

Changes in the distribution of the newsletter, The Phillips Connection, have been made. Due to the rising costs of printing and mailing, it was determined that hard copies of the newsletter will only be mailed to dues-paying members in the future. The first notice to this effect was given in the Fall 2007 issue. Additional notices to non-dues-paying members will be sent via email or mail during the coming months. For the past eight years, the newsletter has been mailed to 10,00014,000 addresses from our database, while only about 350 have paid dues to help finance the effort. The newsletter will continue to be available to everyone on the website at Any dues-paying member who wishes to obtain the issues in that way may request that notification of new issues be sent via email rather than having a hard copy mailed.



"Past Issues of the Phillips Connection are available upon request by contacting the Alumni Association office, (580) 237-4433 or email